Mac Trash Recovery : How To Recover Emptied Trash Mac

Many users come across a difficult situation, when they unintentionally delete their files and emptied the Trash folder. In such situation they only have a query in their mind about how to recover emptied Trash Mac. If you are among such user and you don't have any option then you have reached the right place. In Mac, all the deleted files are stored in Trash Bin and most user have a misconception that recovering files after emptying trash is impossible. But you don't have to worry because nothing is impossible and here you will know to recover lost or deleted files from Mac trash folder.

At present time, everyone desire is to use Mac because it is safe and provide several unique features. There is no doubt about reliability of Mac but a single wrong step taken by user's may result in deletion of valuable files from Trash. Consider a scenario in which you have emptied the Trash folder and suddenly you remember that it contain some necessary items. However if you have enabled Time machine on your system then you can restore files deleted from Trash Mac with help of that. But sometime Time machine fails to create backup and in such situation the problem become more gigantic. So before we start discussing about solution to recover emptied Trash Mac files, it is important to know the reason which is considered for file deletion from Trash. For more information, visit this forum.

This Is How User's Ends Up Deleting Trash Files !

Usually, the need of deleting Trash file arise when we have to free some space which is taken by the deleted files. For this user generally opt "Empty Trash” option and selecting this option not a single file will remain in Trash folder. Other than that there are some other reason which are responsible for the deletion of Trash files and make user's search about how to do deleted file recovery Mac. Some of them are stated below

  • Using Command+Option+Shift Keys : If someone delete file using combination of Command + Option + Shift keys. Selecting Yes option without checking contents of Trash can delete the files permanently.
  • Factory Restore : Chances of losing Trash file after Restoring factory settings is always high because it will wipe out all the data stored on your Mac system.
  • Unintentional Deletion : Deleted files always goes to Trash on Mac and user can get them back using Restore option. But selecting delete option during restoration will erase the files completely from it.
  • Deleting Files Through Terminal : Some user always select terminal to delete files using “rm –rf ~/. Trash/*” command. It will empty the Trash and also delete all its content.

Manual Tips To Restore Files From Emptied Trash

So you’ve emptied the Trash folder and now realizing that you have deleted a necessary file. Well, stop regretting because there are still some ways through which you can recover emptied Trash Mac files. While searching about solution I found this discussion useful. In addition, if you have created backup copy of your files on some external storage device then you can use that to restore the deleted files. In addition you can also utilize Time machine backup. It is an important and useful feature provided by Apple which automatically restore backup of your files. So as mentioned if you have enable the Time machine backup then you can get your file back by using below steps :

  • First open Window which contain files you want to restore.

  • Then connect the Time Machine drive.

  • After that click on Time Machine menu.

  • Find your backup using the arrows.

  • Double click on file to preview it.
  • Once you find your file, select it and click on Restore.

Note :- User's are suggested to try the manual steps only if they have enough knowledge about Time machine. Otherwise, a single step will wipe out all the backup stores on it and make the situation worst. Hence, it is be better to go for Automatic solution..

Automatic Solution To Recover Emptied Trash Files

If you are not so fortunate to have Time machine backup then no need to sad. In this tech era everything is possible and there are lots of recovery program which can help you to recover emptied Trash Mac files. If you search for a recovery program then you will found number of program which claim to be best and safe. But after searching a lot we manage to find out some best recovery software by using which you can easily get back your Trash file. Have a look!

Top Rated Software To Recover Files From Emptied Trash

Software Recovery Speed  Ratings  Download
 Stellar Mac Data Recovery Fast 4.5/5    
 Wondershare Data Recovery Slow 3.5/5    
 Remo Mac Data Recovery Average 2.5/5    

#1. Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is an excellent software to recover deleted files from Trash. No matter in which situation you empty the Trash folder, this powerful utility will restore them all. The software is equipped with fast scanning feature which recovers all the deleted and lost file with ease. It deeply scan system and provide a list of deleted, lost or missing files. Through this way it also allow user to select those files which is necessary for them. In addition its resume scan feature provide the convenience to pause the scan and start when needed. The software works well with almost every Mac OS X and capable of recovering any file whether it is multimedia, document, spreadsheet etc. So if your files are deleted from Trash then it is the best solution for you.

Promising Features of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • Easily recover permanently deleted Trash files
  • Perform recovery on a password protected hard drive
  • Allow users to restore selective files to save precious time
  • Provide preview of corrupted files to protect system from freezing
  • Improved GUI with step by step detail instructions

System Requirements

  • Operating System - Mac OS Sierra 10.12, El Capitan, Mavericks , Yosemite , Mountain Lion etc
  • Processor - Intel
  • Hard Disk - With 50 MB of free space
  • Memory - At least 1 GB RAM

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Recover files with fast speed  No any cos found yet!
 Provide recovery of Time machine drive  
 Various option to preview files  

User's Review

"Great software!! I didn't even think about recovering those pictures which is removed from Trash. But Stellar did what it promises and recover all my beloved pictures which I deleted accidentally. Easy to use and I am not going to remove it from my system".- Mark Hunter

"Want to thanks this software! It was very hard moment for me because all my files suddenly disappear after an unexpected system shutdown. I was very upset and finally a friend recommend me Stellar and it done the magic for me. Now i have all those files. Thanks".- Peter Hugh

#2. Data Rescue 4 Software

Data Rescue 4 is another effective software which recovers data from emptied Trash. The software scans your system and deleted, lost or damaged files to retrieve them. The very utility is combined with latest features which make it capable to recover data from corrupted, crashed, erased or formatted hard drive. It comes with four different recovery option and user can star the scanning by just one click. There are several reason behind data loss such as accidental deletion, emptied Trash, sudden system shutdown and many more. But you don't have to worry because this software is designed to recover data regardless of data loss situation. So it should be a solution to recover your lost or deleted data.

Key Features Of Data Rescue 4 Software

  • Recovers all types of files which is removed from Trash
  • Perform recovery on hard drive which fails to mount
  • Retrieve data from drive which is corrupted due to viruses
  • Creates a scannable clone of your hard drive
  • Compatible with latest operating system of Mac

System Requirements

  • Operating System - Mac OS 10.8 or later
  • Processor - Intel
  • Hard Disk - A Secondary Hard Drive
  • Memory -Minimum 500 MB RAM

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Works well on 32-bit Mac PC  Recovery speed is below average
 Recovers data from HFS/HFS+ drive  Not compatible with past Mac OS X 10.8
 Retrieve erased and reformatted files  Require external drive to store data

User's Review

"My younger son delete some of my important file while playing game on my PC. I try hard but unable to find those files. But thanks to Data Rescue 4, it bring back those deleted files with ease. I found it easy to operate even i am not a tech savvy".- Nicolas

"What a software!! I was unable to find some of my pictures saved on external hard drive. I was not sure that the software will get back all those images for me. But i am amaze from its performance, it safely recover all those pictures and i can again access them. Thanks a lot.."- Stephen


#3. Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is a robust software which provide recovery of emptied Trash folder and other data on Mac. The software is capable of recovering lost, deleted, damaged data from any Mac supported device. It supports recovery in almost all the data loss situation such as accidental deletion, unexpected power failure, partition error, Improper partition, Virus damage, Formatted device etc. In addition it also supports recovery of various file type such as document, multimedia, archive and more. It is an effective software which safely recover all your lost data from Mac as well as other external storage device. The utility also provide preview which allow user to select desired files for recovery.

Key Features Of Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac

  • Recover data even after emptying the Trash
  • Restore hidden, inaccessible or corrupted files
  • Retrieve lost data from formated or deleted partition
  • Advance recovery algorithm for fast recovery
  • Simple to use, no technical knowledge required

System Requirements

  • Operating System -Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.10,10.9
  • Processor -1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Hard Disk -100 MB and more free space
  • Memory -At least 256 MB RAM

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Recovers any kind of data  Trial version not cover all features
 Supports number of Mac OS X  Software is quite expensive
 Provide preview of lost data  Recovery percentage is not good

User's Review

"I am a professional photographer and i have a huge collection of pictures. But last night while transferring some photos to my system sudden power failure happen and i lost important files. I was quite upset but i found this software and it bring my images back. Thanks.."- Harry Kim

"I deleted some files inadvertently which were very important for my client. It was a panic moment for me because i have to present those files very next day. But thanks to this recovery software, it finds and retrieve those files. It saved my job as well as reputation."- Mathew Vive

#4. Remo Mac Data Recovery

Remo Mac Data Recovery is a pervasive software which effectively recover deleted files from Trash. There are different reason behind data loss and the software is capable of dealing with all data loss situation. Its advance scanning features helps user in finding and recovering data which get lost due to software error, missing or deleted volumes, formatted partition etc. It is one of the best recovery utility which performs easy, fast and secure data recovery. The intuitive GUI of this software allow novice user to operate this software without any complications. Because of its recovery performance it is excepted by many users.

Salient Features Of Remo Mac Data Recovery

  • Safely recovers deleted files emptied from Trash
  • Retrieve lost or deleted from HFS+, HFSX Mac volumes
  • Provide “find tool” feature to find file easily
  • Identify and retrieve files on basis of unique signatures
  • Supports PowerPC and Intel Mac platforms

System Requirements

  • Operating System -Mac OS X 10.5.x and greater
  • Processor -Intel and Power-Mac
  • Hard Disk -50 MB for installation
  • Memory -1 GB Recommended

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Compatible with 64-bit Mac OS X  Recovery speed was average
 Option to resume scanning process  Document recovery is not so good
 Provide preview of recovered data  Freeze during the recovery process

User's Review

"It was a great experience ! I lose every hope to get back my deleted files because i don't have any backup. But fortunately a friend suggested me Remo Mac Data Recovery and it get back all the precious file which i deleted accidentally. Great software.."- Mike Joe

"An error in my MacBook result in lost of pictures which i collected from Internet. I forgot to enable the Time machine feature and there was no backup. But try this software and want to say it is a magical product. I don't know how but it get back all those Pics."- Lawrence Egar

#5. TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery

TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery is a competent software which works on recovery of deleted files from emptied Trash. It is a open source software by using which you can easily recover your missing, deleted or lost data from Mac system. It easily recover files from corrupted or damage hard drive. It is an efficient recovery program which bring back lost or deleted data without making changes to them. The very utility is comprised of latest features which recover data easily and safely. Because it is free of cost, it is accepted by many users to perform data recovery. It should be a great option to recover deleted data on Mac.

Features Of TestDisk Open Source Data Recovery

  • Provide recovery of files which is deleted from Trash
  • Facilitate recovery of partitioned and formatted drive
  • Recover deleted or lost multimedia files
  • Works with almost all the Mac OS X
  • Simple and easy graphical user interface

System Requirements

  • Operating System -Mac OS X 10.5.x and greater
  • Processor -Intel
  • Hard Disk -50 MB
  • Memory -At least 1 GB RAM

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Retrieve lost or deleted partition  Limited recovery features
 Doesn't alter content of files  Slow recovery process
 Simple UI & easy to navigate  Not compatible with RAW disk

User's Review

"Recently, I deleted some important files from my hard drive. I was very tensed and desperately looking for solution. Finally i got this software and to be fair, it recover all those files with ease. Want to recommend this product to everyone."- Tessie

"Nearly one week ago, i accidentally deleted some pictures while removing some unwanted files. Unfortunately, i also emptied the Trash. But thanks to this software, it save my day by recovering all the data from Trash. Requires less effort but do great work"- Garry Hastings



All the mentioned software are good at recovering data but in our test we found Stellar Mac Data Recovery more effective from other. Where other software provide limited recovery features, Stellar provide complete recovery of files from emptied Trash. It not only recovers data but also recover fast which save your time. The feature which attract us is you can use this software for network system. The software has won number of awards for its performance as well as reliability. While testing we also found that it is used by millions of satisfied user.

The average recovery rate of this software while recovering files from reformatted drive is 97% which is great and more than any other software. It is a safe, secure and complete package to solve data loss issue. In addition, it also allow its user to edit the header of file. The software provide two different scanning mode which make the recovery an easy task. Apart from that there are some other features which make Stellar Mac Data Recovery best from rest, such as :

  • Recovers data from encrypted drive, boot camp partition and Time machine backup
  • Comes with read only feature to prevent modification in original file
  • Provide option to resume the scanning as well as saving process
  • Facilitate to create an image of hard drive and store it for further use
  • Improved GUI and consume minimum system resource

Stellar Mac Data Recovery : User Manual

  • Launch the software and click on start scan button
  • In this Window you can see progress of scanning

  • Once scan finish, select desired files and click on recover button

  • You can see preview of all the recovered files prior restoring

  • Select the files you want to recover, you can select single or multiple files

  • Finally select the location where you want to save the recovered files